RNLI Adult Learning week

work:space were asked to offer a session as part of the RNLI adult leaners week. We ran a session called ‘Rhythm…or Blues?’ Our experience in other workplaces in some cases is a process of intense relentless work and pressure leading to stress and lay-offs even depression. Then a return to the same pressure until something gives again. How can we introduce rhythm to our working lives that means there are margins that give space for rest, recreation, recuperation etc? How can prevent the corrosive effects of unending pressure and pace. The session drew on the story of creation in Genesis to explore the idea of rhythm in life and the importance of a rhythm of work and rest for us a human beings. The session ended with a short work:space taster – a time of stillness, meditation and contemplation on that wonderful passage about time from Eccelsiastes – ‘there is a time for everything under heaven a time to…’

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