Who we are

Work:space was started by Paul Bradbury, a pioneer minister in the Church of England, based in central Poole. Paul was appointed to help the church engage more relevantly with an urban centre like Poole. Clearly one way of doing this was by trying to serve people in the workplace.

The idea for work:space emerged out of a lot of reading and thinking. Two key points came together in this process. Firstly  that whilst many people are rejecting religion they are nevertheless exploring sprituality in all sorts of ways. We asked how we can help people in their exploration. Secondly the workplace is increasingly the place that absorbs most of our time and energy. Workplaces are often disconnected from where people live. The workplace is a significant community for many people, perhaps more significant than the neighbourhood in which they live.

These two themes collided and created work:space – the offer of a space of quiet spirituality in the midst of a working week.

Work:space is now overseen by Poole Missional Communities a charity set up by Poole Anglican Deanery.  Work:space is just one of a number of projects that has developed since the appointment of a pioneer minister in September 2008.

To find out more about PMC go to www.poolemc.org.uk

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