What is work:space?


work:space is about making space for faith and well-being in the workplace. As a Christian initiative we seek to come alongside Christians in the workplace, support them, and facilitate positive engagement with their organisation and their colleagues.

Every workplace is different. On the other hand many workplaces are becoming more intense, more overwhelming places, and places where people spend more and more of their time. Many people have most of their significant relationships at work. And yet the workplace is a context that has had little attention from the church in terms of its ministry and mission.

We believe that the people who understand their workplace best is those who work there. For this reason we come alongside the Christian community in a workplace and ask them to listen, reflect and consider who they might engage positively with in their organisation and their colleagues in ways which show Christ’s love.

In doing this we have developed a number of resources which have had a really positive response.

  • work:space groups offer half an hour of silence, stillness and guided Christian meditation. They offer a little oasis of relaxation and Christian spirituality in the workplace and have been well received by people of all faiths and none.
  • The Happiness Course is a course developed by Livability which helps people understand and reflect on their own well-being. Covering themes such as pleasure, relationships and meaning it is a series of facilitated sessions with quality content and lots of space for conversation and application.
  • Faith@work is a simple approach to Bible study which invites people to reflect biblically on their working life. There simple questions provide a framework for discussion on a gospel passage. The focus is on discipleship and application of faith to work. These groups are also places in which people wanting to explore faith can be made welcome.

Having worked with a number of organisations in Poole we have now developed our work most significantly in the Civic Centre offices of the Borough of Poole.

We are open to exploring with Christians from other organisations how we might work alongside them. If you would like to explore that with us then do please contact paul@poolemc.org.uk







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